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Ecocapsule NextGen

After selling out the first series of Ecocapsule, the company is introducing new and improved generation - Ecocapsule NextGen. Based on userĀ“s feedback from the first series, the second version has integrated new technological and design elements, making the micro-units even more energy independent, easier to service, and increasing the interior storage space.
We are currently working on the Next Gen which is planned to be produced by mid-2024. By that time, you can pre-order your unit via our sales manager.

Visualization of Ecocapsule NextGen on the beach

About product

The Ecocapsule NextGen has undergone some modifications from its predecessor, which are detailed below. However, all other features will remain unchanged from the previous version, and you can refer to the relevant section on our webpage for specific information.

Extended size

The Ecocapsule has been extended by 500mm along its longitudinal axis, but it will still fit in a standard HC container since its height and width remain the same. This provides more interior space. Another technical compartment will be added on the outside where we can store systems that are currently located underneath the Ecocapsule's floor.

New construction

The steel structure will be minimized, particularly in terms of weight, thermal bridges, and production costs. The new shell will be designed with this in mind.

Separating systems from the interior

There will be two system compartments - one will be dedicated to the water system and the heat exchanger unit, while the other will contain the electrical distributor and battery.
The lowered floor and longer body of the Ecocapsule will provide more storage space, at least 550 litres more.

Lighter materials

Lighter materials will be used for the cabinets to reduce the overall weight of the Ecocapsule, and alternative materials to plastics will be explored to move towards bio-degradable furniture.

Reduced weight

The weight of the Ecocapsule will be reduced to increase its transportability since mobility is one of the product's key characteristics.

Increased clearance

By removing the water system and battery from underneath the floor, the clearance height will be increased, providing comfortable height even in the lowest points of the curvature.

Better entrance

The entrance doors will be structurally simplified, specifically the door's kinematics.

Larger window

The current smaller window and entrance door will be replaced by a larger window that is combined with the entrance door, which will significantly reduce production and assembly costs, as well as maintenance since the entrance door is currently more structurally complex. The window will be a standard product along with the door.

Modified furniture

The furniture will be cheaper and easier to assemble, but the quality of workmanship will not be compromised. For example, the double-curved shelf that caused longer assembly time and higher costs for carpentry will be removed (as shown in the visualization).
The table will be retractable from under the bed, providing more space for movement and visually enlarging the space.


The construction elements will be optimized based on existing knowledge and experience.