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Imagine. A warm mountain cabin in the great outdoors. A beach cabana on a remote island. A quiet studio in the countryside. A geeky hotel pod near your house. A spot for your loud teenager… Imagine an opportunity to getaway and enjoy an authentic life in nature.

What is the Ecocapsule®?

The Ecocapsule® is an opportunity for an eco-life. It does not need to be plugged into the traditional power and water supply as it is self-sustaining and can generate both resources from the surrounding environment.

Officially, the Ecocapsule® is a compact mobile home which can enable off-grid living under specific conditions and in specific environments.

Legal note: the Ecocapsule® is designed for medium term off-grid living* for 1 – 2 people. (*This is dependent on various geographic and local conditions. Exact user manual will be provided.)

Where can I get the Ecocapsule®?

Right here on this website. We offer three options:

Ecocapsule® Original: This version can be exclusively customized to each owner’s requirements..

SPACE by Ecocapsule: More simple version of Ecocapsule Original.

Bulk / custom orders

What else can I get?

We see the Ecocapsule® as a platform for innovation and encourage designers to create products specifically for the capsule, such as furniture, safety or power systems, efficient storage units and so on. If your design or product meets Ecocapsule’s quality criteria, we will endorse it.

Can I connect the Ecocapsule® to an external power and water supply?

Yes, you can. The Ecocapsule® has the best possible shape for collecting rainwater and minimizing thermal losses. The Ecocapsule® is also capable of efficient power generation (up to 1.35 kW installed power) and storage (9.7 kWh battery pack as default option). So in most locations these external sources of water and electricity will not be necessary, however, you can use Ecocapsule® connected to grids as well.

Can I really put the Ecocapsule® anywhere?

The Ecocapsule® does not require a building permit but you may need permission from the landowner or relevant authority, depending on where you choose to locate it. We absolutely recommend you check with your local authority and/or check your country’s or region’s regulations in this respect.

What does the Ecocapsule® cost?

Our first generation Ecocapsule® is priced at EUR 99,900 excluding VAT.

Will the Ecocapsule® always cost this much?

For all those who would love their own Ecocapsule® but cannot afford the current price, we guarantee the cost of our capsule will be lower as production increases in the future. If you simply cannot wait to get your own Ecocapsule® but still view the price as quite high, remember you are buying into our exclusive Pioneers club and as such you’ll be helping us to realize the Ecocapsule® dream – our project needs your support to become a reality.

Please remember our ultimate goal is to make the Ecocapsule® as affordable as possible for everyone.


Service & Shipping

We guarantee 100 % manufacturing quality. A standard warranty (depends on country of delivery) is provided. Potential repairs will be done by our sale representatives in each country or region. Most faults not covered by warranty may be easily repaired by owners and will be documented within our extensive User Manual.
Ecocapsules can be shipped to any port or to exact location. Please see below for shipping rates examples. We will ship two Ecocapsules in a standard shipping container with a well-known international shipping company. The delivery time depends on the required location. Throughout Europe, the Ecocapsules may be shipped by cargo trucks.

Here is the indicative price list for shipping. The costs may differ when the Ecocapsule® according your exact location, date of shipment and other special logistic conditions.

For exact quotation, please contact us.

New York port: € 2,500
Houston port: € 2,900
Oakland port: € 3,600
Sydney port: € 2,500
Auckland port: € 2,500
Madrid: € 2,300
Oslo: € 1,700
Berlin: € 1,700

How does the order process work?

If you would like to become the proud owner of an Ecocapsule®, you are welcome to contact us anytime. But first, please read this document and follow the instructions on our website.

In response to your interest shown, we will send you a contract. The reservation fee of 5% must be paid once the contract has been signed. Further payment milestones will be specified in the contract provided.

Does the price cover customs?

A customs fee may apply outside EU and may differ from country to country. We will provide you with the relevant information on request and prior to your order.

Is the deposit refundable?

Regarding orders of the first generation limited edition Ecocapsule®, the deposit is not refundable. Regarding the deposit for the second generation Ecocapsules, we will return the deposit to you upon request. Please note, however, that by requesting a refund you will lose your place in the order queue. Charges that would lower the amount of deposit returned, such as PayPal or other fees, may apply. And the refund process may take up to 45 days.

Does the Ecocapsule® meet all the regulations such as fire safety, security, electrical, etc.?

The Ecocapsule® is designed to meet all the necessary safety regulations and/or certifications in the specified countries of sale.

Will you provide a manual about how to use the unit correctly?

Sure. An extensive manual will be provided with every purchase of a brand new Ecocapsule®.

How is the Ecocapsule® shipped?

Two Ecocapsules can fit into a 40´HC Container. The container will be shipped to a reseller in your country, from where you can collect it. Alternatively, it can be shipped directly to you.

How can I move the Ecocapsule®?

We have developed a customized trailer which can be easily and simply attached to any Ecocapsule®, enabling you to tow the unit behind your vehicle. The trailer is available for order now. All Ecocapsules are prepared for trailer attachment.

The Ecocapsule® also has two hooks on the roof so it can be lifted using a crane, forklift, even a helicopter.




Do I need to modify the Ecocapsule® during transport?

The only modification required is to put the extendable wind turbine pole into its lowest position. When you arrive at your destination, you just extend the pole to its maximum height again, and you’re all set to generate power using your wind turbine.

Do I need to do any site preparation?

No, the Ecocapsule® does not need any foundations or ground preparations (but is capable of using them), however, for correct positioning it is advised that you follow the user manual.

When will I receive my Ecocapsule®?

The first generation Ecocapsules were already shipped from 2019. . When you order, it usually takes 3-6 months to produce Ecocapsule depending on your customisation.

Further information about our second generation mass production will be announced in 2019.

You will be updated via our newsletter (if subscribed), and Facebook. We will notify you by e-mail when the production of your Ecocapsule® begins.

Where is your company / production site of the Ecocapsule® located?

We are based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic; the heart of Europe, a member country of the European Union and the Eurozone. Yes, the Slovak Republic is the country that produces the most cars per capita in the world. And Aeromobil, ESET, and Pixelfederation. We have production capacities in Slovakia as well.

Which countries are you shipping the Ecocapsules to?

Our first generation limited edition was shipped only within the European Union and Associated countries, to Japan, and to the US. However, we are open to any kind of cooperation and requests from customers from anywhere. We have already sold Ecocapsules to Carribean, Kazachstan etc.

Do you have any resellers in my country?

We will have resellers in every country where we ship the Ecocapsule®. The resellers will provide a contact point as well as services and warranties for their country of sale. We are still building and enlarging our distribution network.

Where can I view the Ecocapsule®?

Our prototype is on display in Bratislava, Slovakia.  As we produce more units, with the intention of displaying them at shows and exhibitions, our published list of units will be updated. We also plan to showcase the units in reseller’s showrooms in the future.

Do you offer a customized Ecocapsule®?

Yes, there is certainly the possibility of customizing aspects of the Ecocapsule® such as the exterior finish color, furniture and floor finish, equipment. Please contact us for information regarding your exact customization requirements.

How long can I live off the battery power in case there is no energy generation from the sun and wind?

This depends on many variables but a fully charged battery will provide electric energy for at least four days. We base this calculation on an average 2.2 kW daily consumption; this is on the high end of the scale and takes into account intensive heating requirements. The Ecocapsule®, however, provides two separate ways of generating energy – from the sun and the wind, the latter of which works even during the night, so the probability of draining the battery is very low. We have calculations for several geographical locations that show the maximum expected number of days per year with low energy intake. For clients using Ecocapsules in these locations, the solution is to order a higher-capacity battery pack..


What are the maintenance and operational costs?

They are not big at all. You just need to change the water filters and maintain your Ecocapsule® as you would a “normal” house.

What are the basic specifications?

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 4.67m × 2.20m × 2.50m / height 4.1m with the wind turbine pole extended (15.32ft x 7.22ft x 8.20ft / 13.45ft)

Weight: 1350kg when empty / 1570kg with full water tanks (2976lb / 3461lb)

Installed power output: wind 750W, solar 900W peak

Gross floor area: 8.2m2 (88.3ft)

Usable floor area: 6.3m2 (67.8ft)

Battery capacity: 9.7 kWh (default option)

And the materials used?

The Ecocapsule® body is made from high-capacity, insulated fiberglass shells overlaid on an steel framework.

Energy production system:

           - Low-noise wind turbine on telescopic pole, braced, height 4.1m when extended, installed power output 750W

           - High efficiency solar panels on the roof, installed power output 880W

Electrical system:

           - Basic system: 24V, sockets 110/230V

           - Electric installation: Electric cabinet, cable system, sockets, switches, sensors

           - Batteries: min. 9.7 kWh

           - Lighting: 24V, LED lights

           - Lightning protection

           - Optional equipment: mini-fridge

           - External connection to 110/230V network

Heating and Ventilation system:

           - Optional AC unit with low energy consumption®.

           - Direct ventilation via windows, indirect via passive heat recuperation unit

           - Water heater for kitchen and sanitary usage

Control system and internet:

           - Smart home system and sensors

           - Home system interface: smart-phone application

           - Data network connection (within 2G/3G/4G coverage)

That’s really cool but what about water? That's what I'm most concerned about.

You don't have to be! Water is collected, filtered and available at your convenience. The Ecocapsule® bathroom works like any other bathroom and is equipped with a water saving faucet and shower head. The water storage tank has a high capacity and you can add water from any source such as a lake or river and it will be filtered by the system prior to you using it.

How exactly does the filtration system work?

Again, your water comes from two sources: it is either collected as rainwater or topped up from any other external source (stream, lake, camp water, etc.). It is cleaned via a pre-filtration system and UV LED lamp. This system filters out 99,98% of dirt, so you are left with clean, usable water. Drinking water is also provided by the filters installed on the faucets.

And, you know, the toilet facilities?

We've got this covered, too. A waterless, separating toilet is used. We offer also chemical toilet as an option.

OK, tell me more about the furniture.

Our furniture is made from lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish. The furniture includes a desk, cabinets, racks, folding bed with mattress (2m x 1.65m / 6.5ft x 5.4ft when unfolded), kitchenette cabinets and baggage cabinet.

What warranty do you provide? What about the service on site?

We offer a standard warranty on the manufacturing quality of the entire unit. The length of the warranty depends on the country of delivery. Should there be any issues, please contact your closest reseller.

Great, thank you! Do you have any other remarks?

Yes, we do. All Ecocapsule® product specifications and data are subject to change without notice as we are constantly striving to improve reliability, functioning, compliance, design and other aspects of the unit. The technical information and descriptions provided on our website is for overview purposes only. During and after the testing period we may provide further technical specifications.

Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us on or via our social channels.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document thoroughly.