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6PACK – the green electric system proved by ECOCAPSULE

6PACK – your solar way to freedom and self-sustainability

6PACK – for every caravan/tiny house/forest cabin

Get your 6PACK!

„Our goal had always been to bring the possibility of energetically self-sustainable housing to as many people as possible. To make that possible, we decided to take out Ecocapsules’ essential parts – the green energy collecting system, and offer them, separately, as a compact product, to a large scale of people. With 6PACK you can turn any caravan, a tiny house, or a cabin instantly into your eco-capsule – an energetically independent accommodation unit, powered by solar energy”.

Imagine being independent of charging your caravan in a camp during your caravan holiday, not have to deal with bureaucracy, when it comes to the connection of your tiny house, or that you can instantly raise the living standard of your forest cabin, where’s no city infrastructure. Interested? Read further or get your 6PACK immediately!

What is 6PACK?

The new, unique 6PACK system is here for all of you, who want to experience the sensation of off-grid life and still be able to use electricity for the basic running of your home. 6PACK is a compact, instant, independent solution for renewable, green energy production with no need to add anything. Everything is plug-n’-play.

What can you expect?

Solar panels collect energy from the sun, which is transformed into electricity by other 6PACK system components. Depending on location and weather conditions, the system can collect enough to cover the energy usage of a 2-people household – circa 2 kWh per day. This amount covers for example cooking of all-day meals, a couple of hours of using lights, 24hrs using a refrigerator, and 100% charging of PCs/smartphones/tablet. With 6PACK you will make your caravan, tiny house, cabin, or mobile home fully or partially self-sustainable.

Where can you get it and how much it costs?

We really appreciate your SUPPORT, to help us to finish the prototype and launch the series production in 2022. We just launched crowdfunding campaign here, where you can preorder your 6PACK or “just” support us.

The 6PACK will be available in two versions – BASIC PACK for 7 900 Eur and AIR PACK for 13 900 Eur.


BASIC PACK - version with high-efficient solar panels (SUN), an inverter (ELC), a battery (BAT), a cable with110/230 v (POWER), and a tablet with a PWA application (APP).
Price: 7 900 Eur +VAT
AIR PACK - basic pack + heating and AC unit, will include high-efficient solar panels (SUN), an inverter (ELC), a battery (BAT), a cable with 110/230 V (POWER), a tablet with a PWA application (APP) and an AC unit (AIR).
Price: 13 900 Eur +VAT