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Pre-order of Ecocapsule

The prices of technologies will change over time. In the first year, we will produce only 50 units. If you want to wait for a better price (we guarantee that!) or for any other reason, you can reserve your place in the Ecocapsule queue. The deposit can be refunded upon request, but you will lose your place.

Deliveries will be worldwide, mass production will start in 2018. Our team will contact you with the contract proposal before the production of your Ecocapsule starts. The price will also be announced before the start of production.

We kindly ask you to read the Frequently Asked Questions first as well as the technical specifications. In case of any questions, please contact us - we will be happy to respond to all your questions.

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Here is the price list for shipping. Please bear in mind that the shipping costs may differ at the time the Ecocapsule is shipped to you.
For an exact quotation, please contact us.

New York port: €2,500*
Houston port: €2,900*
Oakland port: €3,600*
Sydney port: €2,500*
Auckland port: €2,500*
Madrid: €2,300*
Oslo: €1,700*
Berlin: €1,700*