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First 50

It is still possible to book your spot in the queue for an Ecocapsule® from our limited series. As a special thank you, the Ecocapsule Pioneers, we offer an exclusively customized product. You can choose the color of the outer shell and furniture finish. Three months before the production of your capsule, you will be contacted by our designer and discuss the choices available. As an Ecocapsule Pioneer, you will also get an exclusive surprise gift.

Deliveries in this series are limited to USA, Australia, Japan and EU. Production will start in 2017 and you will receive your Ecocapsule no later than 2018.

We kindly ask you to read the Frequently Asked Questions first.

Any further payments required after your initial deposit is received will be specified in the contract provided. Should you have any other questions, please contact us – we are happy to respond to all your questions.

First 50

€ 79 900

(€ 2000 deposit)

€2 000.00*
Is capsule deposit: 

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Here is the price list for shipping. Please bear in mind that the shipping costs may differ at the time the Ecocapsule is shipped to you.
For an exact quotation, please contact us.

New York port: €2,500*
Houston port: €2,900*
Oakland port: €3,600*
Sydney port: €2,500*
Auckland port: €2,500*
Madrid: €2,300*
Oslo: €1,700*
Berlin: €1,700*